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Solly G. Maningding

Montessori's Educational Goal:

"We aim to combine encouragement of initiative and independence in learning with development of self-discipline and responsible social behavior" 

Welcome to Subic Montessori School. The only eductional institution for preschoolers and elementary graders in Subic, Olongapo and SBMA in a school setting with a family atmosphere.

The school aims to work toward the children's development through their gradual independence, their development as social beings, their response to work, their ability to pace themselves and their confidence through gradually developing skills.

The most significant aspect of our learning-teaching program is the adult-child interaction style of Montessori System which is clearly derived from a family model.

ORIENTATION for parents of prospective pupils will be held to present our school programs, objectives and activititesd, along with all the imnportant aspects that will affect the School-Student-Teachers-Parents' Relationship 

THANK YOU for considering our school to meet your child's educational need and growth. Kindly call us for more information about our school and we will gladly provide you with the best program suited for your child's need. 

Department of Education Recognized Montessori Institution
Government Recognition
No. E-107, S.2002
No. E-108, S.2002

Courses & Services Offered
Toddlers(2-3 years old)
Junior Casa (3-4 years old)
Senior Casa(4-5 years old)
Advanced Casa(5-6 years old)
Complete Elementary
Grade I
Grade II
Grade III
Grade IV
Grade V
Grade VI
Middle School
7th Grade (1st Yr High School)
8th Grade (2nd Yr High School)
Junior High
9th Grade (3rd Yr High School)
10th Grade (4th High School)
Summer Classes
Preparatory Program (age 2-4)
Pre-Reading Program (age 5-6)
Reading Program (for kids with deficiency)
Enrichment Program (for fast learners)
Kids at Art
Summer Workshops
Special Tutorial Programs
Infant/Child Day Care Center
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